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The Innocent | Book Review (blog tour)

Book Description
"I wonder who would shoot a girl so young...?" The question haunted him as he left the river and her grave behind.

Harvey West is given a month. One month to prove his innocence. As the evidence points him to the gallows, he fights to find the enemy of the beautiful Elsie Roselind. Someone wanted her gone. Someone destroyed the evidence. Someone had to kill to keep her from coming back...And the someone isn't afraid to kill again---no matter what the cost.

My Review
I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.

Plot interest and character development: 4 stars
My own personal conviction rating: 2 1/2 stars

The Innocent begins when Harvey West finds a girl killed by the creek. It follows his journey to prove his innocence when all evidence seems to point to him as killer.

There were many likeable characters. My personal favorites were Jimmie and Brock. 

From what little western research I've done, it seems very much in line with how trials and proving innocent went--every man for himself. This is honestly the first "murder mystery" that I've ever read and overall, I think this would be considered a "clean" book with no language and little violence; though there was a bit of romance and kissing.

What I didn't care for:
The very first scene that put me on edge was when Abigail stumbled across Harvey bathing in the stream. Her focus was drawn to his physique.

In the latter half of the book, because of certain circumstances, Harvey and Abigail are by themselves for two weeks in the wilderness, which could lead a girl's mind to the excitement of romantic daydreams. While nothing inappropriate was mentioned, this part of the plot could very easily lead girls' minds to possibilities.

About the author (Willowy Whispers):
I am a sixteen year old girl who loves to write! I have always been homeschooled, and I live in a quiet neighborhood in West Virginia. I am the author of five novels, four of which are published, and numerous short stories, some of which are on this blog. Now, down to the exciting stuff…

I am an incurable romantic—a dreamy sort of girl who sits around all day and dreams about true love…and writes about it. “Not everything revolves around romance,” people are always telling me. But to me, there is a little bit of romance in everything. Willowy Whisper, my pen name, is a fictional character in the Whispering Leaves Saga. She is, in a sense, me. This blog is based off of her because she represents my “fairy-tale” life. I also love writing thriller/suspense stories…murders…and mysteries…and all that. Anyways…

I am an Independent Baptist Christian, a firm believer in Jesus Christ. I was saved when I was five years old, eleven years ago. As a Christian teenager, one of my major goals in life is finding the “right one” and staying pure until I do.

You can view her blog here.


Willowy Whisper said...

Thanks so much, Amanda! I appreciate the time you spent reading my novel, and participating in the blog tour. God bless!!! :)

Amanda T. said...

@ Willowy,

You're quite welcome! Thanks for including me! :)


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