Wednesday, October 30, 2019

The Many Faces of "Wedding Score" | Behind-the-Scenes of Cover Design

You've probably heard me say it before: I love behind-the-scenes. Designing the cover of "Wedding Score" had a few in-process snippets that I deliberated, leading me to the final design.

#1 - Choosing Stephanie
Choosing a model can be pretty tough. Especially if you're a photographer and you just wish you could up and take a picture exactly how you want it (and yes... I ended up doing that anyway with the sheet music...). These are the models I considered for various reasons. At first, I really wanted to feature a piano on the cover, but I quickly realized that didn't portray the concept I had in mind, so I had to scratch that one.

Tip to the designer: landscape crops are really difficult to work with. ;) "If they had just given me MORE PERSON to work with!!!" ;) 

#2 - Background Color
Confession time: I think backgrounds are the most challenging for me. Fonts are okay. Once I find the cover model, it goes fairly well. But how to combine the text, model, and background? Yeah, that is usually challenging.

#3 - Positioning
Should Steph be the left or right side? Also, exactly how should the title be positioned? That's what I was pondering at this stage.

#4 - Floating Music
I had this idea that I wanted, but getting it from imagination to cover had its challenges. First off, I searched for hours for sheet music to feature. Of course, I couldn't find it. So, while I put that idea on hold, I shoved around a couple ideas.

What ended up happening was me taking pictures of my own sheet music suspended in air and editing that to fit in.

#5 - And repositioning
If you notice, I played a lot with the background fading from bottom to top or top to bottom. I actually still like this fade, but because I added the sheet music, the balance ended up being off.

#6 - And the Final
"Just like that," I take you to the final cover I've been blasting all over social media. ;) I know every designer says their latest cover is their favorite, but I really, really do like the way this cover turned out and had some great pointers from different friends to help me capture my thoughts.


Melissa W said...

Love the cover! Thanks for sharing behind the scenes!

Sarah Holman said...

Thanks for the peek into the process. How fun!

Ryana Lynn said...

Love this cover! And I loved seeing the design process!!!

Showers of Blessings said...

I love this!!!

A.M. Heath said...

Beautiful! And it's amazing to me how much of the process I had missed. Lol

Amanda Tero said...

Thanks for commenting. :) I'm delighted to share the process with you all, and so glad you enjoyed!

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