Thursday, May 25, 2017

Vlog: Who's Who in "The Secret Slipper" | Blog Tour Day One

Also, in honor of release day, I'm posting every hour on my FB Author Page

In other news...the paperback is available TODAY on Amazon! I was holding my breath there for a moment. ;)

And...if you  have time, hop over to these lovely ladies' blogs and see what they have to say about "The Secret Slipper."

Leila has Slipper spotlighted on her blog.

Faith gave a five-star review on her blog where she gives a rundown of my characters' traits: "Rebellious, kind, angry, willing to risk everything, grudge holders, desperate, helpful, cruel, sweet."

Leona not only gave a give-star review, but she also interviewed me on her blog today. What are some of my favorite things about "The Secret Slipper?" I answer them there.

It would mean a lot to me (and them) if you hopped by and left a comment!

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