Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Dedication | The Secret Slipper

"The Secret Slipper" releases just day after tomorrow!! For some reason, this release seemed longer in coming than other releases...maybe because it has...

Today, I'd like to share my dedication page with you. Have you ever wondered how authors figured out who to dedicate their work to? Well, I don't have the answer. ;) But in writing "The Secret Slipper," I was thinking about one of the main questions I get asked by others: "Does your family support your writing?" Oh my. Yes. They totally support my writing. ALL of my family does--from my parents to siblings to aunts and uncles to grandparents. I feel so very blessed!! As I was pondering that, I started praying about dedicating this book to two very special people in my life:

It was just a week or so after I had decided to dedicate the novella to my grandparents that Grandma was hospitalized. She had gotten up from bed and ended up on the floor. Long story short, she had a bleeding ulcer that eroded into a main artery. By the end of her hospital stay, the doctors had done an embolism and she ended up with a complete transfusion. And she was able to come home. We personally believe that her recovery was nothing short of a miracle. It was very scary to realize Grandma was so near death (my other grandma passed away five years ago). In Grandma's words, "God pushed me out of bed." If she hadn't ended up on the floor and Grandpa found her, she would have bled to death that night.

All of that to say, I realized how very much I took my living grandparents for granted. They're both in their eighties and are in good health (besides Grandma's episode, she was in no pain and has had no health issues). And it just cemented the fact that yes, I wanted to dedicate my newest book to them. They always welcome my projects with smiles and encouragement, and doing this is just a small way to say "thank you."

Do you read book dedications? What was your favorite?

One last reminder--cause I don't want anyone to miss out on a deal: 


Anonymous said...

So happy that your Grandma is doing well. God Bless her. Good luck with your book.

Polaris Northstar said...

So glad your Grandma is okay! And what a blessing to have such loving and supporting family members (especially grandparents!)!

Amanda T. said...

@ Marilyn and Polaris - thank you both so much. I am very, very thankful Grandma is okay too. :) Thanks for your sweet words!

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