Monday, May 29, 2017

Scripture Graphics #41

What a glimpse into the heart of God! Yes, He said this of Israel, but He never changes, and verses in the New Testament (such as 2 Peter 3:9) prove His desire for all mankind.

The definition for "whole heart" is "the whole heart, used widely for the feelings, the will, and even intellect; likewise for the center of anything." If I am seeking God with my feelings, will, and intellect, then I will be more likely to let God run my life, and less likely to let my life be run by my feelings, will, and intellect.

This verse has been on my mind lately as I've been seeing a lot of debate about "what a Christian should and shouldn't do." It is our duty to seek God for what is "good" and to follow that.

Do we cling to hope in God, even when days are dark, prayers seem to go unanswered, and life gets tough? Added to that, does our praise grow more and more--or do we stop praising when the road gets rough?

What verse are you memorizing this week?

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