Friday, May 12, 2017

First Line Friday 5.12.17

Happy Friday! Today's FLF, I'm featuring the first line from a new favorite: Paige Torn. I absolutely have to get my hands on book two!

First line:
“Living in Texas can be awesome. Or awful.”
Paige Torn by Erynn Mangum
You may see my review here.
And... about the book...
Everyone knows they can count on Paige Alder. But between volunteering at church, putting in overtime at work, and helping her best friend plan an anniversary party, she's lucky to grab a cheese stick for dinner. Paige can't even remember the last time she had a few minutes to relax or dig into God's Word. Then she meets laid-back Tyler, an attractive, Jesus-loving guy. Will he be able to help Paige get her priorities on track?

Your turn! Share a first line!!
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Please note that I may not fully endorse all of the books that these bloggers read or the content in these blogs.

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Fiction Aficionado said...

This sounds like an interesting one! I have the first line from Tamara Leigh's 'The Vexing' on my blog today, but I'm going to leave you with the first line from 'Still Falling' by Crystal Walton, releasing on 17th May:

"On his way to their squad car, NYPD Officer Josh D'Angelo fanned away a sense of dread rising with the steam coming through the subway grates."

Happy Friday :-)

Trisha Robertson said...

On my blog today I'm sharing a line from Pepper Basham's book The Thorn Healer. I wanted to share something different in the comment, so I'm choosing a book that my son is currently reading.

"As soon as she heard the first pop, pop, pop of the distant muskets, the young mother extinguished the morning fire and closed and barred the cabins shutter." Abandoned on the Wild Frontier (The Trailblazer books) by: Dave & Neta Jackson Bethany House, 1995

Caryl Kane said...

My first line comes from The Magnolia Duchess by Beth White.

AUGUST 13, 1814

She could set fire to the letter in her pocket and it would still be true.

Dinh said...

This is the first sentence:
“I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ.” ~ Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

Happy Friday!

Dinh @ Arlene's Book Club

JaneReads said...

On my blog today is the first line from Irene Hannon’s Sea Rose Lane so I am going to leave the first line from Between the Reins by Liz Isaacson that is releasing on May 16th. “The barn door banged open as Gil, one of the male counselors, burst through it, “Owen, there’s a fight we need your help with.”

Andie said...

That was a fun read. Hope you have a great weekend! Happy Friday!

englishmysteriesblog said...

Happy Saturday! :)

Sarah said...

Happy Sunday!

Beth Erin said...

I really like that cover!

Kathleen Denly said...

This sounds like a dilemma I can relate to. :)

Amanda T. said...

@ Fiction - Ooh...nice first line!!

@ Trisha - So neat that you share that Trailblazer book. Out of all in that series, that is THE only one I've read! :)

@ Caryl - thanks for sharing!

@ Dinh - what a first line!!

@ JaneReads - Great first line! Thanks for sharing.

@ Andie - ah, you've read it too? I'm wanting to get my hands on book two. ;)

@ English and Sarah - thanks!! :)

@ Beth - it is cute! :)

@ Kathleen - haha! The true is same for Mississippi too. ;)

Mollys Cafinated Reads said...

Awesome way to do FLF this week! You got lots of great books there! I'd love to see a first line from one of your favorites from those books :-)

Amanda T. said...

@ Molly - wow... a line from one of my favorites...? That's a hard choice. But I'll pick "Circle of Spies" by Roseanna White: "Mariette Hughes was the worst widow in the history of mourning."

Thanks for stopping by!

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