Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Secret Project!!! | Writing Update

After finishing the rough draft of Journey of Choice, I put it aside while I wrote a novella (yes! In just a few days, the Lord allowed me to complete a 17,000+ word rough draft!). I'm not quite ready to divulge what this "secret project" is yet, but if you'd like to play a game with me, I'm game. ;) 

Ever play "20 Questions?" It's where you try to get an answer by asking less than 20 "yes or no" questions. So...ask away! I'll answer any questions you ask, and I'll try to stay on top of them... I know that I'm not usually that great with replying to comments quickly, so sorry!!

Here's a hint: it is in an era that I have already used.

- - - -

As an update for Journey of Choice, last week I read through the entire rough draft. There is a LOT of work to be done with poor Nat. A lot of holes. A lack of arc. But there are some good things in it too.

As I read the draft and thought over the story line, I've been seriously praying and thinking about how to change some things up to add conflict and interest. I have an idea for the beginning; I'm not sure how it will change things up (besides majorly rewriting several chapters/adding some new ones), but prayers are GREATLY appreciated! Nat's going to take a lot of work before he's ready to be presented to the general public, and I know that I'll need patience and endurance... and wisdom! Recently in my Bible reading, a lot has been standing out about God's glory, and I definitely want God to be glorified through the message of Journey of Choice. And I realize that for that to happen, I need to be yielded to His direction. So again, I covet your prayers!! Thanks for helping me here!


Rosalyn said...

Ohh exciting!!!!! I'm thinking it's a medieval novella!

Amanda T. said...

@ Rosalyn - yep, it is. :) So far, my very first readers (they can't quite be considered beta readers...) enjoyed it, which is encouraging.

And yes... it is medieval novella. Wow. How did you manage that? ;) Any other guesses?

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