Monday, December 12, 2016

Scripture Graphics 17

Twice in this Psalm is the reminder that God endures forever -- and both references come after the Psalmist acknowledge difficulty or dark times. He didn't stay focused on the sorrows of this world -- he turned his eyes upon God and His eternal kingdom. We should learn from this example and, when tempted to surround our thoughts with the dismal events of today, instead turn our focus to our eternal God and praise Him!

In writing "Journey of Choice," I definitely desire God's Word to have free course -- and have had days struggling to know exactly how to portray God's Word in perfect truth. I know this verse applies to preachers, but I don't think it would be taking it out of context to say that it is a good prayer for writers as well. We never know whose hands our books will fall into -- and oh how much we need to be surrendered to writing God's Word in accuracy so that it is glorified!

God not only has given us everlasting consolation (solace) and hope, but He also gives us daily comfort and stablishes us *today* to do every good word and work!

If God holds us up to His standard, would He have controversy with us? Do we pursue mercy AND truth AND the knowledge of God?

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