Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Leviathan Art, Protecting the Poor Progress...

Yes, it feels like it has been ages since I've been able to sit down to write, when in truth, it had only been about a week's break. Last week, I was able to reach my 1,000 word goal in "Protecting the Poor!" I am still working on rewriting the beginning to strengthen the plot and characters' goals before I finalize the ending. I didn't get any research reading in, but this week looks a little less busy, so I may be able to do so this week.

Also, last week, my young artist friend gave me the first picture to go into "Quest for Leviathan!" Here's a sneak-peek. It's quite amazing!! :D

Also with writing, I had writing day #2 of the year at our house. Do you ever have those days when you're sitting down to write, and that was the last thing you feel like doing? Yeah, that was me on Thursday. I was able to get about 200 words in--during the three hours we had set aside. :P But, on the bright side, I replied to everyone's comments here on the blog (if you commented in the last three months, go back and check ;) ) and got the writing assignment up on Wordquill.

And THEN!!!!!!

For about two years, my cousin has been trying to get me down to Louisiana on a certain weekend to go with her to a library book sale (it's a building specifically for this, and they open it every month). At long last, our weekends worked out, and I was able to go.

This place is dangerous, guys! 

No, those are not all for me. I promise!! I did manage to keep about half of them and the others went to my sisters and some are for reselling. 

Here is one of my favorite finds: 

And yes, I did find room on my bookshelves for all of the new books I have. ;) I just may need to do some arranging before I get any more books...

How was your week last week?
Is there any way that I can be praying for you?

Oh, and before I forget...
This week's goals...
- Write 1,000 words
- Read 10 pages research

Do you have goals for this week?

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