Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Getting Back into Goals

Praising the Lord, cause last week was better getting back into the niche of writing. Last week, I was able to...

  • Read 2 chapters of a research book
  • Brainstorm for a few hours
  • Write 1,909 words
I wasn't able to fully kick back into full gear of doing it everyday, but I was able to make progress, and for that I'm excited.

This week, my goals are to...
  • Average writing 150 words each day
  • Read five chapters of research book
  • Reply to beta readers' emails about Nat
Yes, I realize that, in my good ol' days, this doesn't seem like a huge goal. But, Lord willing, that will mean 1,050 more words than I had last week, plus being almost finished with my current research book.

Will you hold me to these goals?
Also, what are your goals this week?

Before I leave, a couple of posts from Instagram--inspired by researching. ;) Researching... oh, researching... :) 


Ryana Lynn said...

Goals: Finish beta project, complete a Christmas serial story and read a Christmas book aloud to my siblings.

You can do it, Amanda!

Jewels said...


Yes, ma'am, I will try to hold you accountable to your goals. My goals are to finish a portrait that needs to get done, as well as start and make good progress in, or even finish, a watercolor that needs to get done as well.

I've been praying for you with your scheduling priorities. How is that going?
HAve a great and productive week!

"And Mary said, "My soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit has rejoiced in God my Savior." ~Luke 1:46-47

Sharon K. Connell said...

Right! Doing research always brings ideas to the surface for so many other stories. LOL I can relate.

Goals this week: Edit and Submit Chapter 9 to the Scribes for critique, go over all the critiques received on C8, Work on C10 and edit, Catch up with my running outline, Bake Christmas cookies (always a good form of encouragement for writing), drink coffee (also needed for writers), finish proofing my Christmas issue of my newsletter and schedule it for mailing out to my subscribers, advertising online, Conversing with readers and writers on my group forum, and pray, pray, pray, read, read, read.

I think that about covers it except for the nitty-gritty details of living. LOL

Anonymous said...

This month I want to finish the first editing of the “Shaft of Light” Series Vol. I. Next month I hope to finish the writing of Vol. III. (As rewards, I hope to get Kindle versions of your “Peace, be Still” and Jesseca Wheaton's “The Silent Blade.” I've wanted it for a long time. It sounds so good <3 !! :)

-Katja L.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana – sounds like great goals. :) And thanks for the encouragement!

@ Jewels – yep, we writers have a lot in common. ;) Oh, so you’re an artist? That’s great! Scheduling priorities are always a roller-coaster. Since I’m technically still in vacation mode, it’s not been that bad. The true test will be when I resume teaching in January.

@ Sharon – so very true!! Sounds like some great goals! :) I hope you had a good week.

@ Katja – I hope you get to finish editing! I love how you use rewards to motivate you. ;)

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