Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankfulness Days 1-3

I do not know how often I shall post this month as we have a b-u-s-y schedule ahead of us, but I thought that I would share my first three days of this thanksgiving challenge.

I Am Thankful For . . .
November 1
     1. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ
     2. God’s Word to hold in my hands and learn from
     3. Godly parents
     4. Eleven siblings on earth and two siblings in heaven
     5. Prayer – an open channel to God
     6. Religious freedom
     7. Bible-believing churches

November 2
     8. The way that God works in issues – even if it goes beyond my understanding
     9. For God allowing me to be a tiny part in ministering to others
     10. A house to clean
     11. God’s daily provision 
     12. Music – Godly music :)
     13. The ability to play piano and how God has used it in my life to humble me and dedicate it to Him
     14. Good, Christian friends (“iron sharpening iron”)

November 3
     15. God using me, even though I am FAR from perfect!!!
     16. My friends, Brianna and Courtney, coming for a visit
     17. Safety as our family busily goes 101 different directions
     18. God opening the door for me to take private music theory classes
     19. Another open door in which to learn American Sign Language
     20. Sweet grandparents who love me
     21. Emails and letters from friends


Anonymous said...

Lovely post, Amanda, and such wonderful things to be thankful for! God is so good to us! :-) I am looking forward to the other posts on this!

With love,


Amanda said...


And I look forward to sharing other posts on this challenge. Finding things to be thankful for has already been a blessing. I am blessed abundantly above and beyond that I can even begin to fathom! God is indeed SO good to us!!!


Jennifer said...

It is so encouraging to read what others are thankful for. It makes me see things in ways I've never seen them before. We take so much for granted.

Amanda said...

Amen (again!)!!

It has been a blessing to go through this challenge and know others who are taking the same challenge this month. :)


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