Thursday, November 1, 2012

Give Thanks! Challenge

Last fall, I saw this challenge by KBR Ministries and thought it was very neat - though it was towards the end of November so I did not get to participate in it. This year, I found out about it before November actually started and by God's help, would like to take the whole month jotting down 210 different things that I am thankful for. As I have time, I might share a few on here with you.

Will you join me??


Monica said...

I'm doing something like this. Every day I'm posting something that I'm thankful for.

YOu can check it out on

Amanda said...

Hi Monica!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I'll be glad to follow your journey of thankfulness this month. :)


Joyfully His said...

I have just begun the challenge as well. It is a blessing!

Check out my blog at
Feel free to check it out and leave comments!]

You have a lovely blog. Keep living for Christ!

From: Joyfully His

Amanda said...

Joyfully His,

It's exciting to hear from others joining in this challenge!

Thanks for your comment.


Jennifer said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! I will definately join you! I think I might just post something once a week with some of the things I'm writing down every day. Thanks for including us!

Amanda said...

Hi Jennifer!

It's exciting to see all of y'all who are taking this month to thank the Lord for His blessings!! I'll try to check your blog for the updates. :)


Rachel said...

This looks like a really neat thing to do. If you find out they are doing it this year will you try to let me know?

Amanda said...

Hey Rachel!

Thanks for your comment! When November rolls around, I'll try to remember to send an email your way with a reminder of this challenge. I would definitely like to do it again. :)


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