Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What if... | Writing Update

As I'm working on editing "The Secret Slipper," I'm getting more and more excited about it!!! I absolutely cannot wait to predict a release date for y'all!!

Just last week, I was facing the end of the story. Praise the Lord, He gave me what I needed! (rough draft form) It was one of those writing times when I could sit down and write. So... I moved from writing to editing. If you follow me on Instagram, you already saw this. ;)

'Cause some days you feel like earning a badge. Or a check mark. ;)
I really and truly don't mind editing all that much. It's kind of fun. As I edited, here is one thing I reminded myself of...

For example:
Lia grit her teeth and let her hands pound the dough.

I find myself doing that a lot. I "let" my characters do something. But it's much more powerful to just do it like so...

Lia grit her teeth and pounded the dough.

Note to self; keep it active, not passive. Sure, it's "fewer words," but we can't worry about word count. Quality counts. :)

Back to Slippers...
As I've been editing, I've been thinking about ways to summarize my story to easily explain it to others (isn't it just easier to say, "It's... a story... read it for yourself!" ? ;). 

When I first started writing Raoul's part, it was so that I could get to Lia's part. I'll admit. I liked Lia better. However, with some wonderful advice from friends, I completely rewrote Raoul's part. And now, I really like his side of the story just as much as Lia's. One of the things I like best is the big "what if..."

Does your story have a "what if?" If so, what is it?
Are you in the editing process of your story?


Tarissa said...

Ooooh! I'm intrigued with your new story. Sounds fantastic!

Amanda T. said...

@ Tarissa - yay! Glad you are. :) I absolutely can't wait to share it!!! :D

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