Saturday, February 4, 2017

Roses | Photography

I'll admit, I have gotten lazy in my photography lately. Well, either I have gotten lazy, or there is just too much going on in my brain to think about this third hobby (that's actually closer to the honest truth). Sometimes, though, I do take a few minutes to capture something.

In December, one of my sisters had given Mom some roses. I noticed that they were dried out and mostly dead, but they were still beautiful. I spent a few minutes with my iPhone (4s) to snap a few pictures. I like taking pictures with my iPhone, just because it shows that you don't have to have a fancy DSLR to still get good shots.

Here are the pictures, completely unedited.

What do you usually use to take pictures?


Kimberly Snyder said...

Aww! These are really nice! I usually take photos with my Canon Rebel T5i (DSLR), but when my iPhone 4 has enough storage space, I'll use that, too. ;)


Rosalyn said...

Those are beautiful! :) I use a Finepix S6000 fd fujifilm digital camera to take my pictures. It's my mom's, but I'm usually the only one that uses it-probably because I keep it in my room! Haha!! :)

Amanda T. said...

@ Rosalyn - ah, yes, "mom's cameras." ;) I remember when my brother adopted Mom's camera. ;) It's really handy to have a camera you can borrow to see how much you'll be into photography.

Amanda T. said...

@ Kimberly - for some reason, your comment didn't get published until just now. Sorry. :P I only have a T3i, so I can imagine how better the T5i is. ;) And I just got an iPhone 5s, so I'm excited to have an even better camera there! :D

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