Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Scripture Design in 21 Steps

It is always interesting to take screenshots of the process of my graphics design, because I never know exactly what will come out of it--and if it will even be something I like. The design I shared Tuesday, was one I had time to throw together, and here's how I did it.

Step 1: Started with a blank 5x5 file

Step 2: Pasted the verse on it

Step 3: Separated the words into different layers
And changed the font to Trajanus.

Step 4: Aligned the layers centered
Because, at this point, I was thinking about doing a simpler graphics design.

Step 5: Distributed the text layers evenly

Step 6: Changed the key words to Windsong font

Step 7: Decided that my simple style wasn't working...

Step 8: So I played around with the positioning of the words

Step 9: With the words done, I took a picture from my iPhone and copied it onto my square

Step 10: Selected a brush

Step 11: Started "painting"

Step 12: Tested the Gaussian Blur look

Step 13: Decided it wasn't quite the look I wanted...
So I canceled the Gaussian Blur.

Step 14: Changed brush size and added more yellow
I intentionally made the yellow heavier on the bottom than the top.

Step 15: Gaussian Blur again

Step 16: Lowered the opacity of the background layer

Step 17: Made the text visible again

Step 18: Added a drop shadow to the text

Step 19: Decided to test some "Fibers"
In this picture, I have yellow and blue on my color pallet. However, I changed that in the next screenshot to be yellow and orange.

Step 20: Played with the fibers until it looked good.

Step 21: Lowered the opacity of the fibers

There you have it...another graphics design step-by-step.

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