Saturday, March 12, 2016

Posing Problems | Photography

When I started to seriously photograph people, I got on Pinterest (since then, I have found its usefulness for writers as well). There are tons of cute posing ideas on Pinterest! But I quickly found two problems with it: 1) I am not good at replicating a shot (not do I want to mimic someone else), 2) Not all subjects pose like Pinterest pins.

I discovered both of these points when experimenting with my sister. I loved some cute hand-poses. It did not take long to see that those poses just did not look like my sister's normal self. It was forced. Unnatural. So then we did some things with her hands that she always does and you know what? Those pictures captured her personality splendidly! "Read" your subject. Ask them if a pose feels comfortable. Get them to pose themselves--"Just sit next to the wall"--and see how they naturally set themselves. You may need to tweak their pose a little, but try to capture their pictures--not shaping them to a Pinterest idea mold.

 From my Camera Bag:
(or my card ;))
Here are the pictures of my sister that I ended up taking.

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Rosalyn said...

Yesterday I was trying to do some pictures of my sister (Olivia ;)) and it wasn't turning out! Thank you so much for doing this post! :) I'll have to try this.

Salinn said...

What beautiful pictures of your sister! Thank you for sharing.

Amanda T. said...

@ Rosalyn - I'm so happy that this post came at a needed time for you! :) If you get some great poses, I'd love to see them! (you may email me: amandaruthphotography{at}gmail{dot}com)

@ Salinn - thank you! :) And you're welcome!

Rosalyn said...

@Amanda T - I will definitely send some of the pictures to you! :)

Kim Hampton said...

Beautiful pics! I agree that you get much better pics if you let people be natural.

Amanda T. said...

@ Rosalyn - yay! Can't wait!

@ Kim - thank you! :) I love natural.

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