Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kayla | Photoshoot (senior pictures)

A couple of weeks ago, I received a text message to the extent of, "Someone asked me to do their senior pictures and I can't do it--will you?" Wouldn't I? Of course!!

I was so, so grateful when the Lord "dropped" this senior photoshoot in my lap! A friend was unable to take the pictures so asked me to step in for her. Kayla and I met downtown and around just a couple of blocks and an hour, we had over 100 fantastic pictures!! It is so enjoyable to photograph photogenic people. I know that I had a blast walking downtown and snapping pictures!

Top Favorites
I am usually more of a close-up fan, but I love these two pictures!

Other Favorites
It was really, really hard to choose "just a couple" of favorites from Kayla's photoshoot. are some other favorites. :) Enjoy!


Alisha Bonnell said...

Beautiful Amanda ... as always :D
Your photography is absolutely phenomenonial ;) I actually compare my pictures to yours + "critique" mine.

LOVE your blog + your photography + your heart for serving others!!!!!!


Miriam Elise said...

Great job! Love the pictures. That is so neat that you got a photo session dropped in your lap!

Amanda T. said...

Thanks SO much for the encouragement, Ali! Aw, I'm honored that you look up to my photography! God has been so good to help me learn a lot! :)

Miriam--I know! I was so excited!!!

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