Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Camp Christa trip

Here is the Camp Christa report, which is also found on my family's blog (www.terofamilyministries.com). I was so blessed to be able to go up to Colorado for Camp Christa this year and praise the Lord for the work that He did that week!

My older brothers, Christopher and Daniel, and I trekked up to Colorado, July 11-20, 2014, to help with Camp Christa, a camp for Navajo and Ute Indians. The Lord blessed us with an amazing camp! The campers all seemed very receptive and several made professions of faith.

{most pictures by yours truly and my brother, Daniel}

The guys group singing at Newcomb Baptist, Sunday morning

The dining hall


Bro. Jason, missionary to the Navajo Indians

More singing

Morning exercise

Sword drills

Daniel and friend Trever headed up the activities

Bro. Aaron teaching the youth class

The adult class

Junior class

Looking through shoes

Christopher teaching his class

Preparing for the Scripture scavenger hunt

Me and Imperla

Demonstrating how sin, when we are entangled fully in it, is impossible to get out of in our own strength

At the park

Some of the campers singing a special

Christopher and Daniel, demonstrating John 10:28-30, how no man can pluck us out of the Father's hand

The Baker family singing

Bro. Baker

I was so very grateful to be the girls' teen counselor this year. I had an amazing group - my highlight was leading one of my girls to Jesus Christ!

Baptismal service

Me with Laura and Aaron Baker

Star, Me, Destiny, Mylee, Victoria

Other events in Colorado
Again, we were enthralled by God's beauty in the Colorado mountains! After camp, we went up to the Mesa Verde national park with our cousin Jacob. There, we not only saw the old cliff dwellings made from rock, but we also had an amazing view from the mountaintop!

The cliff dwellings at "The Balcony House"

Daniel, Christopher, and cousin Jacob hiking on one of the walks

One of the views from the cliff dwellings

Daniel at an overlook

Me, Daniel, Christopher

We also had a little time to fellowship with the missionaries up there and spent some down time at the park.

"Love worketh no ill to his neighbour: therefore love is the fulfilling of the law."
(Romans 13:10) 


Rebekah said...

Lovely, Amanda! Looks like you all had an awesome time there at the camp! I especially liked seeing the kind of activities there (i.e. a lot of Scripture, singing and even the running/exercise), not silly games that are usually done at camps. Praise the Lord for the work He is doing there, and thanks for sharing.

Amanda said...

You're welcome, Becky! I thought specifically of you when I posted it. ;) I love going to Camp Christa - they do have a good balance of serious activities and it's so much fun to study with the kids and help prepare them for their Bible quizzes! There is a lot of good things done at camp and God is powerful to save! But these kids go back to a tough environment where it is not easy to live the Christian life. We need to keep them in our prayers!

"Blessed be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things." (Psalms 72:18)

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