Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Two New Books! | Rebekah A. Morris and Angie Thompson

Rebekah Morris is a friend who's writing I can trust, so I'm excited to have her and a friend on my blog today for their release tour!!!

Thanks for joining the excitement of the release of two new books! This may be a different kind of blog tour than you've ever seen, but I hope you'll join the fun! Each blog post on each day will be different. No two will have all the same images, or information, so to learn more about these books, check out the other blogs this week!

And yes, each book is on sale this week for only 99¢, so get it before the price goes up!

A quote from A Brother is Born

"The door was closed, but a sudden burst of laughter sounded from behind it, and I paused, fighting the sudden longing that swept over me—a longing to slip in and hug Jess goodnight before I went to sleep, to feel his arms around me and know his love for me was as secure as Johnny’s."

A quote from By Paths Unknown

  “But how will I know the way, Mom?”
       “You will, son. If you pray and ask for wisdom, He will give it. He’ll also give you peace about your path.” She drew a long breath and closed her eyes, her hand still holding Austin’s.
       He had wanted to ask her if she had peace in the path God had led her, but he didn’t have to. He knew. He had seen it behind the pain in her eyes, he had seen it in her smile. She had peace.

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A Brother is Born – 
By Paths Unknown – 


Rebekah said...

Thanks SO much for sharing about our books, Amanda! :D I hope you get a chance to read them both some time.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Rebekah - glad to do it. :)

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