Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Secret Slipper - Coming Soon!!

This last week has been great! I mean, I was down almost every day sick BUT that gave me time to edit Slipper and work on formatting it. So...we have a release date!

That's exactly one month from today! I'm so, so, so excited!!! This has been so very long overdue (in my opinion) and you all have been such a wonderful encouragement to me in the writing and editing process. I appreciate you all so very much!!

If you haven't already, "The Secret Slipper" can be added to your Goodreads list (as an author, adding it to your to-read list, even if you're not going to read it for a year is very helpful!).

And if you want the opportunity to READ "The Secret Slipper," the sign-up for blog tour and review reading is up now. Sign up here! And if you have friends who like to blog or read, go ahead and send them there too. I'm so ready to share Lia's journey with everyone!

Keep your eye open on Tuesdays. I'm bursting to share even more about Lia and Raoul with you all.

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