Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Journey of Choice | Quote Day 05

Well, Journey of Choice has taken an interesting turn this month. My goal was to write 20,000 words and finish the rough draft. I wrote 10,414 and reached a dead end. :) So, I printed out what I have and am about to read through it -- to get ideas, to critique, that type of thing. I may actually start my editing/rewriting before I have the ending solidified. :) There isn't a law against that, is there? :)

This type of thing has happened before in my life: where I thought I knew what direction I was going then slammed to a halt and had to regroup. What about you? What is one area that you thought you had something mapped out, then God allowed things to go differently than you planned? How did you grow from that experience?

Now for the promised quotes...

Envisioning the battle...
Honestly, reading up on what our brave ancestors went through, I feel like I just cannot do their service justice. But to imagine the battle, men in action... it is sobering and exhilarating. 

^ True story ^

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