Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday, hands'-down. It is probably a mix of the focus (to be honest, sometimes gifts get in the way of the focus of Christmas), or because I love the way that our family celebrates it -- each of us children makes a dish, and we all come together at Dad and Mom's home to enjoy a feast (okay, so technically only one sibling doesn't live on our property...). But that isn't the best part. After we've filled ourselves to the point of possibly-sinning-with-gluttony, we all sit around and share our hearts -- what we're thankful for for this year. Wow, it's amazing! There's usually some tears and quite a bit of laughter. I'm so, so thankful for my family and that we can be open with each other!

This year, I decided to do "30 Words of Thankfulness" on InstaGram. Since I don't do so great with keeping up daily posts on my blog, I figured that I'd just wait until Thanksgiving day to share the first fifteen. Then, hopefully I'll remember at the end of the month to share the other 15.

What are some things you're thankful for this year?


Olivia K. Fisher said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Amanda!!

Amanda T. said...

Thanks so much, Liv! I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family! Hope yours was blessed too! :)

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