Friday, June 17, 2016

The "S" Word (a New Age of Story Telling) | Guest Post

By Hope Pennigton

And by the "S" word I mean "Social" of course. What were you thinking?

Writers tend to be rather hermity kind of folk in an endearing poetic kind of way. They like to think. To study. To read. To be introverted and in libraries, in the rain, with tea.

Unfortunately if you're the most amazing, brilliant, best writer in the universe and you're keeping it in your cosy poetic library or under your bed amidst My Little Pony coloring books it's not gonna become a best seller.

In today's writing world sadly and regrettably being social is a part of being a writer.

Now don't start hyperventilating. *hands a paper bag* This can actually be a lot of fun.

First of all, getting in social group online or in person can kind of be like going to ComicCon or hanging out in your favorite book because your ideal readers and partners are the people who get you, who get your writing and your outlook and want you to succeed.

If there are no preexsisting groups for your niche, create one! Be the leader in that step-into-the-world-of-authors-hanging-out movement.

Most people won't even know they needed or wanted a social life that promotes their creativity until they've been a part of a good one.

And as you step from your house into a group of humans remember: at the end of the day you're awesome and epic no matter how anyone else sees you or your work.

So go make friends and colleagues!

It can really be a lot more fun then you thought.

If you have tips or thoughts on socializing in the author world let us know in the comments below! :)


About Hope:
Hope Pennington is a nerdy homeschooled grad who loves writing, reading and imagining she's in the TARDIS with the Doctor. Jesus is her best friend and she loves Starbucks too.

Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, and her Blog.

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