Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kellyn Roth | Author Interview

Today is the start of a fun weekly event on my blog: author interviews!! Some of these authors, I have just discovered and haven't read their books yet (like Kellyn), others, I have already read their books, and am sure you'd enjoy them as well.

1) In a nutshell, what do you write​?​
I'd say I write historical fiction with a dash of Christianity. I like the idea of writing romance, but have a terrible fear of it ending up sounding corny. Overdone romance is one of my biggest pet-peeves, and I certainly don't want to write it! I guess I'll just have to make sure someone with more common sense than me reads it if I end up writing more romance-y novels. I've always dabbled in fantasy and steampunk ... but nothing has been good enough to publish as-of-yet. Oh, and I wrote a couple contemporary pony stories a while back that I might rewrite should my adoration of books about horses return. I doubt it, though. ;)

2) What spurred on the desire for writing
"The voices in my head" is my stock answer for when people ask me this. But, really, I don't know. I've been writing ever since I could talk ... poetry, songs, short stories, little bits of prose ... and I've never stopped. I always loved words and characters. My love for plots came later as I began to read, and I started wanting to make my own. Though for the longest time I had no writerly aspirations.

3) How do you balance writing with living -- or is writing your full-time job?

Well, I have a pretty relaxed schedule. I'm homeschooled, and I have an average of 2.5 things to do a week during the school year (not counting church). During the summer, it's a lot less. I usually am able to find a couple hours to write every day.

4) Who do you hope to reach with your writing?
At the moment, I'm writing for upper middle grade and young adult readers, although I think some adults might be interested, too ... it really depends on the person. However, I'd like to write for adults in the future (once I am one myself) and smaller children. I've always adored kids (I kind of am one myself still), and I really want to write interesting books for them. Also, I'd like to write light, happy books that a mom could spend an afternoon reading while her toddler naps. I know this sounds shallow, but my main goal isn't to touch people or bring them to God or anything like that ... it's just to make them happy and give them entertainment,  and perhaps to spark their imaginations a little (which is a goal a bit more worthy). And ... that sounds like just Disney ... But, you know, Disney's great, and I have no objections to touching people in my own way like old Walt did.

5) If someone asked you for your best writing tip, what would it be?
Well, I don't know. I'm a rookie writer myself ... I don't think I have any great advice to share with the world. :) How about, um ... show, don't tell! (wow, the was cliché!)

​6) What are three things that you greatly enjoy doing?
Um, let me see, sky-diving, shooting baby deer, and ... ok, I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I'm terrified of heights, and I like Bambi just as much as the next girl. Three things I enjoy doing ... let me see ... horseback-riding, swimming, and reading (which is kind of a given). :)

Links and Books
My website: (which I almost never update ... and on which the formatting is off)

About the Author
Kellyn Roth lives with her parents, two little brothers, incredibly needy cat, and faithful border collie Gidget on a ranch in the country. She has been reading obsessively since she was seven, writing poetry and short stories since she was eight, and writing novels since she was ten. Her goal is to write historical fiction novels (which slight branches out into other genres) with Christian themes. Her debut novel, The Dressmaker's Secret, can be found on Amazon.

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