Saturday, April 30, 2016

When You Run Out...

Things are getting busy on this end again with musicwriting, and photography, and my little blog has been pushed onto back burner -- meaning that scheduled posts are running out.

I don't want my busy to just be busy. I want my busy to be in line with what GOD would have me to do. So I'm seriously praying and seeking God's direction for what He would have me say "yes" to and what He would have me say "no" to. Until I decide what that direction is, things just might be a little sketchy here on the blog. I probably won't keep up with Word Wednesdays but just share random Scriptures throughout the week. Guess we'll wait and see. :)

I greatly appreciate all of my faithful readers and commenters. I'm not saying "goodbye," I'm just probably not going to be quite as talkative in the near future. ;)

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