Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Sometimes, I Feel Like a Writer

Those were my thoughts as I stepped back and looked at my desk on Friday. Coffee, a cute sign (by Par la Grace), Scrivener open (which, btw, I’m now completely sold on!), a stack of research books…I had to take a picture.

This past week has been a good one for me writing-wise. It took me a little while to get back into the flow of writing, but, by God’s help, I made it!

For those who don’t follow me on FaceBook or Instagram (I feel you, because I used to have neither), I don’t want you to miss out on what I give everyone else by means of more daily updates. So here is a quick run-down:

Writing Progress
I added almost 5,000 words to the manuscript Monday-Friday (about 1,000 less than I wrote total in July!). Some of that writing was done in a waiting room as I waited with some friends for their baby boy to be born.

Journey of Choice reached 50,000 words! (my goal is 60k, but I just may surpass that goal, given the way things are moving now)

After reaching chapter 27, I realized I needed to make Nat’s life just a little more miserable, so I went back and added some tension via Second Lieutenant Ward (it’s gonna be great, y’all!)

Research Progress
I got three new Civil War books in! (yeah, I splurged) I'm making progress in listening to Sherman's Memoirs on my Kindle Fire (on Kindle, the book is divided into two segments, and I'm in the 60%'s of book 2). I'm also reading my first K.M. Weiland book, Creating Character Arcs.

I just have to show you the CW book that I’m reading now (one of my new ones, yes). It is so cool!

Since I shared an excerpt with everyone else, here you go (from chapter 20)…
Nat’s mouth went dry as if they had already shoved the gag in. The brawl hadn’t seemed to draw much attention from the company, but being set in the middle of camp, with his body contorted worse than a rat caught in a trap, he would be the gazing stock of all of the men.
“And after that,” Captain Quinn continued, “you’ll fulfill your picket duty.”Nat didn’t fight against the men as they dragged him to the middle of camp. Being bucked and gagged wasn’t the worst thing that had happened in his life. Every second he was subjected to this punishment, though, he’d picture it was Ward there, enduring the same punishment.
The men shoved a dry cloth in his mouth. He clamped down on it, imagining that it was a piece of Ward’s flesh. The second lieutenant was going to escape punishment altogether while he—the low-down private—was disgraced in public.
A coarse rope sliced into Nat’s wrists as the men tied it tightly. One man held his hands while the other one forced his knees up between his arms and shoved a stick to secure his position. Then, the men stepped back.
Nat shifted. The butt of a gun jammed into his back. He clenched the gag even tighter between his teeth and his throat contracted. If he was lucky, he’d only have to endure this punishment for an hour.
He closed his eyes and laid his head on his knees. He braced himself against another blow, but nothing happened. Good. He’d just wait it out. Then tonight, as soon as he was away from camp doing his watch, he’d run.

Some Fun Things
My sister said this made her think of me. ;P Isn't it accurate though?

And then, I was tagged on Instagram to do “10 Things I’d Never Say.” Now, for those of you who know me, I tried my best to do this in a lighthearted manner. My brain automatically went to more theological things like, “I’d never say, ‘You can read enough Bible’ or ‘Prayer isn’t as good as we think it is’ or ‘Christ’s blood isn’t sufficient to save ALL sinners.’” Yeah. Because, by God’s grace, I’d never say something that directly contradicts Scripture. BUT… I tried for fun here. So, just with that in mind…here are ten things I don’t think I’ll ever say in *seriousness* (I like to be sarcastic a lot, so saying things sarcastically doesn’t count).

1) Technology is ridiculous
2) Chocolate is gross
3) I’ve read enough books in my life
4) I love being a social butterfly
5) I will beat you at ANY cost!!
6) You may have all of my books
7) A musician never needs to practice
8) Bribery is okay
9) I love clutter
10) I never think seriously
Boy, it’s hard to think that way. ;) How did I do? Sound like things I’d never say?

What are ten things YOU’D never say?
What progress have you made on your projects this week?


Ryana Lynn said...

Wow! You have been busy! I CAN'T WAIT FOR JOURNEY OF CHOICE! I feel so sorry for Nat even though it sounds like he's a handful. He makes me think of a character I was going to include in my series, but had to cut for complexity reasons...he will definitely show up in another book though;)

I'm currently working on revisions on my third Civil War book, the prison camp scenes needing more details...my co-protagonist does not like me right now, poor guy;)

Alicia said...

Haha, I enjoyed your ten things, Amanda! :-) It's fun to see all your "goings-on" in one spot... I've been away and with not too much Internet access, so I missed a lot of this when it was happening. It's a joy to see how God has been leading you and blessing your work in and for Him. <3

Sharon K. Connell said...

Loved it, Amanda. Yep...you're a writer. LOL

Can I use your picture and the ten points of what you'd never say to make a meme for writers?

Keep writing.

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - ah, thanks very much! I so can't wait until Choice is done and ready to share with all of you lovely people who keep encouraging me as I write it! :) Nat has been a tough character to write... he's a handful, but I DO want people to like him. ;) Yay for the third CW book for you! :) I would like to read yours someday (when I submerge from my towering stack... ;P )

@ Alicia - glad you enjoyed them. ;) I'll try to keep up with the consolidating of things here. :) Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

@ Sharon - thanks. ;) I'd like to hear a little more about the meme first. :) Shoot me an email at amandaterobooks (at) gmail (dot) com with your ideas, please!

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