Monday, July 24, 2017

Scripture Graphics #49

On days (and weeks) where things are crazy and busy, I need this reminder: I must go in God’s strength, not my own; I must seek Him for the way I am to take, the things He wants me to do.

This should never cease being our heart’s prayer and desire.

If we are starting to slide, maybe we need to examine: in whom or in what is our trust? Something other than the Lord?

This verse reveals three beautiful truths about God’s relation to us: He hears us (Psalm 6:9, 18:6, 34:4, 40:1, 116:1, 120:1), He is merciful (Psalm 31:7, 57:10, 62:12, 103:8, 116:5), and He helps us (Psalm 54:4, 33:20, 46:1, 94:17, 121:2, 124:8).

What is your favorite Psalm?


Ryana Lynn said...

Psalm 3 and Psalm 91

Paula said...

Thankyou for the beautiful psalms in the beautiful graphics!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - those are beautiful Psalms! :)

@ Paula - you're welcome! Thanks for commenting!

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