Saturday, July 8, 2017

Books I Read - June 2017

This is a week late, I know. Our summer is a craze of busyness--great, wonderful busyness, but busyness nonetheless. 

June wasn't a huge reading month for me--and it was one in which my reading balance got shifted. Usually I try to balance non-fiction and inspirational books with fiction. Turns out for the summer I had agreed to review a list of books and didn't think about my schedule too much. So I had to "catch up" on fiction reading for June/July.

But backing up to June.
My most anticipated read...

*insert a huge row of grins and happy claps*
Since this is a Civil War fiction book, I was reading half for research and half for enjoyment. It met my expectations. This was my first Lynn Austin book to read, and I love her balance of Christianity with accurate history. I gave it five stars. ;) You may read my full review here.

Another anticipated read is actually an anticipated author-read. I've been wanting to try out Dee Henderson for a while and finally got my chance!

I've heard that Threads of Suspicion is one of Dee's calmer books. I enjoyed it all the same. You can see what I enjoyed most here.

And then two books I reviewed here on my blog (as well as Dee Henderson's book):

I've gotten some flack with my review of The Story Cure. There were good elements to it, but as a Christian, I have read other non-Christian books that were less offensive to me personally (particularly writing books) because of the content that Moore chose to display. As another review stated, "The author was OBSESSED with divorce and affairs." That assessment is kind of accurate, in my view.

But let's get on to another book that I did enjoy!

I was happy to be a part of Livy's debut novel and look forward to reading more of hers! If you don't remember my review of The Coronation you may look it up here.

So... there are my four wee books that I read in June. So far, it looks like July will pass up June's reading count. ;)
How many books did you read in June?
How many books are you hoping to read this summer?
What is your most-anticipated read coming up next?
(I'll give you my next most-anticipated read: A Name Unknown by Roseanna White!!!! Can't wait!!)

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