Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Behind the Cover and More | The Secret Slipper

Book covers. I remember the days when I would get a CBD catalog in and flip through the pages slowly...admiring covers (and critiquing the ones I thought needed help, let's be honest). I really didn't see cover designing in my future, but as God has graciously helped me in figuring things out, that's one of the things I do.

Now, for the cover of "The Secret Slipper."

If you didn't notice, I took the same formatting as "Befriending the Beast" (I mean, it's a series).

For "Befriending the Beast," I used royalty free images (meaning you have license to use them, but they're more or less stock images). When it came to Slipper, I had just gotten the idea when my friend with SunKissed Photography posted a "throw-back picture" she had done. And I was like, "YES! That's it! That's the one!" Elizabeth and her model graciously allowed me the use of her photograph. The cover would not be the same without it.

Then the back cover also has a mention:

Do you see that carefully-crafted deformed slipper? :D :D: D I have an amazing friend. Really, I do. Not only does she read through my drafts and give wonderful input, but also... a week before I wanted the cover done, I mentioned, "I really wanted slippers for the cover, but I can't find what I have in mind." Three days later, the slippers were mailed to me. Emily's got talent, y'all. In fact, she's got an Etsy shop for her sewing--if you ever need something custom-made, she's wonderful.

That concludes the cover. 

Since I'm acknowledging behind-the-scenes people, I figured I'd continue with the acknowledgements. These you can find the back of "The Secret Slipper," but I'd like to acknowledge them publicly and HERE you get to have links so you can check these amazing people out yourself (I may forget a link or two or don't know them all; so sorry)!

Author's Note
It is all the fault of my author-friend, A.M. Heath. Not long after “Befriending the Beast” released, she messaged me, “Have you ever thought of doing a Cinderella story, where the prince is the father?” I stayed up until midnight with my mind churning the what-ifs. I think I got the title before I really solidified an idea. “The Secret Slipper” has had many firsts for me: writing from two perspectives, writing as a married character, and having an active antagonist to mention a few. I have not enjoyed every moment of writing, re-writing, editing, and learning, but looking back, it is something I wouldn’t want to trade, for I have learned so much!

Now for thanks…these are getting harder and harder to write, as there seems to be so many who offer their assistance.

Anita – like I said, this was your fault. ;) Thank you so much for being my writing mentor and selflessly offering your brain and expertise to help me! My writing has grown from your friendship.

Faith – you’ve been my accountability writing partner for the process of this story. You’ve helped me to stay on my toes, and I’m grateful!

Kenzi – how many times have you read my manuscript? Just as many times as I have, I do believe. I don’t think you know just how much I appreciate your prayers, encouragement, and suggestions with my many projects.

Elizabeth (SunKissed Photography) – the picture of Lia! I am so honored to use your photography for my book cover, and grateful for you allowing me to use it (and thanks to Rachel W., the subject).

Mom – the years of red pen seem to have finally paid off! Thank you for your unending encouragement in my writing.

My Family – thanks for bearing with me as I talked about my characters and ideas and everything. Your support means so much!

My FaceBook Street Team – thanks for letting me flood your newsfeed on my writing days with questions, thoughts, and prayer requests! Y’all are an amazing support!

To those who read my pathetic and very needy first-draft: Katie, Janell, Rachel, Anita, Kenzi, and Aimee. Thanks for your suggestions and input. You always make me think twice as I edit, and I need that! Special thanks to Katie and Rachel, who also read this manuscript multiple times. Y’all are amazing!

My beta-readers: Faith, Olivia, Jesseca, Kellyn, Hannah, AnneMarie, Liberty Baehr, Liberty Bluebelle, Alicia, Marlene, Darcy, Hanna, Esther, Joanna, Naomi, Emily...your help was wonderful! I know that this Slipper shines because of your input!

Again, my heart is overflowing with gratitude to my Lord Jesus Christ. Not only does He supply ideas for new stories, He is also faithful to give me wisdom for every place I have questions. To Him belongs all glory and honor, for without Him, I am nothing.

And to you, my reader, thank you. Unless you are also an author, you likely do not know how encouraging it is for me to have you reading my book and leaving your reviews! Thank you.


Paula said...

I am really looking forward to reading your books!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Paula - thank you! I hope you enjoy them when you get to them!

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