Tuesday, June 27, 2017

3-of-3 | Journey of Choice

Today I decided to share something from the rewrite of Journey of Choice. Praise the Lord, I've reached the 30k mark and am still working for at least a 60k novel. It's exciting to get these words in!

So 3-of-3... the first three lines of the first three chapters. ;)

Chapter One
New York City, April 1861
"Shush or you'll get us caught for sure." Nat glanced around, taking in the details of his surroundings. One quick look was enough to show him that the street, though littered with trash and sewage, was safe enough.

Chapter Two 
New York City, April 1861 
"Up with you!” The voice echoed through the cell door before Nat saw its owner. 

Nat snapped his jackknife closed and thrust it into the worn-out leather he had strapped to his feet as a sort of shoe. The cell door opened and two officers walked in.

Chapter Three
Alton, Illinois, April 1861 
Lije's head bounced on Nat's arm with the movement of the train. How can the boy sleep? It was his first time on the train, and Nat wasn't sure it was something he would choose to repeat. He preferred to be on his feet—in control of exactly where he was going—not stuck in the midst of a group of children, carted out somewhere west.

Okay, so that last one was four lines... ;) Couldn't resist.

Now... I'd like to see some of your work! Let's play this game two ways...
If you're a writer, share the 3-of-3 from your work.
If you're a reader, share the 3-of-3 from the book you're currently reading.

And if you're a blogger, feel free to take this challenge onto your blog!
Let me hear what you have to share!!


Bethany W said...

That story sounds soooo exciting! (from what I can make out from just the first three sentences! ;D) Here are the 3-of-3 from one of my stories :)

Chapter One
A stern-looking officer in full British uniform glanced up from his morning cup of tea as the door of his office swung open and the soldier he had sent for entered with a swift salute. His face remained unreadable as he placed down the tea-cup and rose to address himself to the young man.
“Robert Hatchins, Royal Airforce?”

Chapter Two
The storm was fast approaching. The already weak afternoon sunlight had been almost completely blotted out only a few minutes before; and already in the distance, now growing ever nearer, came the angry flash of lightning accompanied by the ominous crack of thunder.Elizabeth Greyson shuddered and quickened her steps into something close to a run.

Chapter Three
Morning dawned bright and clear, washed clean by the deluge of the night. Elizabeth was amazed at the transformation. Gone was the eeriness and cheerlessness that the storm had brought.


Amanda Tero said...

@ Bethany - I loved reading your 3-of-3!! Do you have a working title? What era? Revolutionary or other?

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Amanda! That's sooo good! I have yet to write a 60k novel (I'd love to though! But actually I have yet to write a 20k novel! :P) This week I write a trilogy for a story contest. First three lines of “The Innocent Suspected: A Tale of Old France, Ist Instalment”:
‘Reynard sprang off his bed with a resounding thump and stood erect, full of enthusiasm and joie-de-vivre. He was struggling with his shirt when a sleepy voice erupted through the closed door leading into the adjoining room.
“Bother it, Fairfeather! Can’t a body have some honest sleep when on leave?”’
First three lines of “The Guilty Punished: A Tale of Old France, IInd Instalment”:
‘His horse was fresh, his heart young, and his spirits high. This combination led to a hearty gallop.
His horse’s hooves pounded rhythmically along the hard road’ [ending here because of a spoiler ;)]
First three lines of “The Injury Amended: A Tale of Old France, IIIrd Instalment”:
‘A month after [spoiler cut out], Reynard Fairfeather tramped into an auberge and summoned the landlord.
“Have you a room available, monsieur? I have just shot my horse.”
“Shot your horse!” exclaimed the man, throwing back his head and stepping backwards in astonishment.’
~Katja L.

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