Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Where I Am in Writing...

It has been a few weeks since I've actually updated y'all with my writing. 

Current Project: The Secret Slipper
I am still editing The Secret Slipper. This is definitely taking me longer than I anticipated. I'm blaming it on a few things...
- I'm back up to teaching thirty music students
- I've also been focusing a little more on music projects
- Our family has been busy

None of these things are negatives at all! They just mean less writing time. ;) And I am truly thankful for the progress God has allowed me to make on Slipper the past few days. I am getting most of the surface editing done, but there are 1-2 storyline-altering edits that need to be made. I think I'm saving those for last because I'm half-dreading it. ;) 

But I am trying to focus primarily on Slipper right now, and am praying to get it released in May. :)

Upcoming Projects
Since I'm in the final throes of Slipper, that means that my brain is already jumping ahead to "what's next." I do have two projects I'm planning and writing (but am keeping details hush-hush as of now), but I'm trying to get refocused for Journey of Choice. It is a big project, and big task, but it's something that I do not want to neglect at all!

Hopefully next week will have a good report on Slipper. ;)

What are your projects right now?


Kathleen Denly said...

You are making me feel very old, my dear. I was 21 when 9/11 occurred and by the end of that month I would be engaged to my now husband. I can tell you exactly where I was when I learned of the event and can recount several details of that day along with how it felt watching it all unfold. I knew people who were on planes headed for New York when it happened. More than that, though, I remember the incredible rallying that occurred in the days and weeks afterward. Everywhere you looked there was a U.S. flag waving and this incredible sense of unity as a nation. Everyone wanted to find a way to help. I think it's important that our nation remembers major events like this. Thank you for bringing this book to my attention. I will have to check it out.

Amanda T. said...

@ Kathleen - sorry. ;) Wow... yes, you have a lot of memories from 9/11. :/ I hope you check out the book. It is an easy read, but has been very... reminding.

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