Saturday, April 8, 2017

Books I Read - March 2017

Where has the time gone? It's now for another month's recap. And I did get a lot read for March. Two Louisiana trips, what can I say? ;)

The book that stood out the most to me in my March reading was...

No, I'm not going to college. ;) But this book came up for review, and as I know a few kids heading to college this fall, I wanted to see if anything good was out there. I thoroughly enjoyed this book (you can see why here)

Another book that really stood out to me is also a non-fiction...


Wow. I loved reading about the World War II heroes! I'm very glad I got this book. (Full review here)

And then, the fiction that stood out to me...


I actually worked on reading this book since February, but a few review commitment books got in the way. It was a slow start, and I found the backstory a little draggy... but after I finished the entire book. Wow. It was really an amazing read. You can read more of my thoughts here.

After having a friend badger me to read Chautona Havig, I caved in (okay, okay, honest truth: Chautona put a book up to review and I grabbed it cause I've been wanting to read her). Since the review book was #2 in a series, I borrowed book #1 and read them both. ;) 

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And they were both pretty good. My reviews for book one and book two.


I also read a book by my author friend, Faith Blum.  I'll confess, I'm not big into sci-fi. But those who do like it will probably like this book. :) My review here.

And honestly, though I'd like to like every book that I read, there were two this month that just weren't my cup of tea...

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See a little more why I didn't like them here and here.

And the final book... 

Ah... SO sweet and cute and adorable!!! My review is here.

AND... last but not least...

Because I have some great friends... and also because I found a deal on eBay... my bookshelf got about 56 volumes heavier in March. :o This usually doesn't happen in a month, so I figured it was picture-worthy. ;) 

Now, your turn!
How many books did you read in March?
Which one was your favorite?
How many books did you acquire in March?
Have you read any of the books that I added to my shelves in March? (cause most of them I haven't read...)

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