Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Change it Up!

Today I'm happy to have a guest blogger over, Rebekah A. Morris. Rebekah has a whole bookshelf of novels and short stories that she's written. Check them out!

Have you ever heard those words shouted at a hockey game? Have you watched some players suddenly leave the ice and take a seat on the bench while others vault over the sides to join the game? I've only seen it happen in movies because where I live, well, we don't have any hockey teams.

But just the same, I think there is a lot to be said for that little phrase in regard to us writers.

Have you ever felt like you just couldn't write? Like your creativity was being stifled or lacked that something that you use to have? I have! Many times. And that's when I've begun to discover something.

For years I've known that I wrote best in the evenings. From after supper up until time for bed was the best time. But I wanted to write more. So, since I don't do well staying up late, I decided to start writing before supper. At first it was hard. I could hardly get anything written. Then it got easier. And easier.

I used to write sitting on my bed. Then I tried standing up when I was tired of sitting all day long. I discovered that I wrote better that way most of the time. But sometimes it still couldn't write. So I tried a chair in the other room.

Sometimes your writing may need you to "change it up."

Now I may write standing up and using my music stand as my desk. Other times I find more inspiration sitting in a chair near a window, or perched on the edge of my sister's bed with my music stand lowered. My writing time can now start as early as 3:30 or as late as after supper. I've never tried a coffee shop though. (Maybe because I don't drink coffee.) But I did discover that I could write in an empty class room at church on Wednesday night after I helped with the nursery class.

So, if your writing is feeling blah and you just can't seem to find the excitement, "Change it up!" Don't be afraid to be different. Move to a new place, stand instead of sit, write at a different time. That might be all you need to get fresh energy. Don't get stuck in a rut because someone told you that you "need to always write at the same time." Maybe you need a change.

Have you ever experienced a fresh energy for writing by changing how, where or when you write? What is the most unusual place you have found yourself writing a story? I'd love to hear about it!

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