Friday, November 4, 2016

Books I Read - October 2016

Okay, so I'll confess it. I get a bunch of good ideas then I usually don't do so great with keeping up with these ideas. ;) I figured it'd be fun to recap what I read each month (in addition to the Friday reviews I try to keep up with), but I know me. I might get busy and forget. I'll do my absolute best to remember though!

What did you read this month?! Thanks to a few 4-hour trips, here's what I read October 2016 (plus "Emotion Amplifiers" by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi on my Kindle). 


Almost made even balance -- 2 for enjoyment, 3 for writing purposes (and I'm okay with overdoing the books for writing purposes 😉). I actually liked them all, though Skip Rock Shallows ranks highest. 

What did you read this month? 
Do you read more Kindle or paperback books? 
What is your favorite book read this month? 
Do you try to balance your reading diet?

I'm already starting my TBR pile for November (okay, actually I started three books in October that I need to finish in November 😉 but I'll let you wait to see what those are! Okay, okay, I'll share one: I'm going through Elizabeth George's Colossians study and am greatly enjoying it!).

What's on your to-read list for November 2016?

Read my reviews for my October books on Goodreads:
Guide Me Home
What They Fought For
The Sword of Antietam
Skip Rock Shallows
Emotion Amplifiers


Kate said...

What a fun idea! I usually tell what I've read in my monthly "plate updates" on my blog. I'm not very good at balancing my reading diet, but I'm working on that. ;) This month I have two books to read for review, and right now I'm reading The Destiny of One by Sarah Holman.

Amanda T. said...

@ Kate - wow... it's time to do this month, isn't it? I haven't read Sarah's Destiny series yet. :) They're buried somewhere in my TBR pile. ;)

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