Thursday, October 13, 2016

Jansina | Author Interview

This week, we have author Jansina over for an interview!

In a nutshell, what do you write? 
Christian romance for young adults—with a few more difficult subjects mixed in (abuse, deception, alcoholism, &c.)—and hopefully humorous short stories.

Wow, what a challenge to include those topics--yet I know how needful in our day and age! What spurred on the desire for writing? 
I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t writing. That may have more to do with my poor memory than with my passion for words, but I choose to believe it’s the latter. When I was eight, I finished my first story and my mom had it bound into a “real” book (she stapled it together). That sparked my dream of being published.

How neat for that "first book!"
How do you balance writing with living—or is writing your full-time job? 
I try to write or edit something of my own every day, whether it’s a blog post, short story, novel, or a scene just for fun. Having a word count goal or a set amount of time when writing takes the main focus helps give a sense of accomplishment.

That's a great idea!
Who do you hope to reach with your writing? 
Teens and young adults who can relate to the topics (or at least understand similar feelings) in my books.

If someone asked you for your best writing tip, what would it be? 
Make writing a priority. Life gets busy and so many other things vie for time, but if it’s really a passion of yours, it’s worth half an hour to an hour of each day.

Good point! What are three things that you greatly enjoy doing? 
Dancing (swing and Irish), playing board and card games, and getting coffee with friends.

About Jansina
Jansina has published three novels and two short stories to date. She is also an editor and graphic designer and runs a nontraditional publishing company, Rivershore Books ( Her goal is to honor God in her writing and encourage other authors to do the same with their own.
Other: (my nontraditional publishing company)



Jansina said...

Thank you for interviewing me, Amanda! You asked some great questions!

Amanda T. said...

You're very welcome, Jansina! :) I enjoyed it very much!

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