Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Kingdom Single | Book Review

Books on singlehood intrigue me, as I’ve read my fair share of them in years past. Usually, I read single-women books written by women, so seeing this by Tony Evans doubly intrigued me.

The first half of the book was spot on with things that I could personally apply to my life. A lot of reminders for focusing on God and using single years to minister, not wait (or, worse, mope). It was different than many single books that I’ve read and I liked the difference. Instead of a “how-to-get-a-spouse” manual or assuring the reader that they just had to wait long enough, pray hard enough, or do this or that right enough, they’d get a spouse, Evans drew inspiration from various figures in the Bible. He never assures the single that they’ll marry, but he definitely gives them plenty of food for thought in what to do while unmarried. There is a lot of reference to God's Word and how to get our focus there.

There are portions of this book that are definitely more suited for an older audience—unless the teen is already exposed to a bit of discussion on sex. I think it is beneficial for singles to be educated about it and discuss it, because in our world today, it’s not just reserved for those who are married (which Evans deals with very well—how to be forgiven, how to stay pure, how the Bible teaches about it being right only in the bonds of marriage, how our bodies and minds are affected by casual sex, etc.). At the same time, it would be TMI for a lot of younger singles. I advise parents or counselors to read the book before handing it off to a younger single.

The last couple of chapters weren’t relevant to me, as in Evans discussed the issues of divorced singles and single parents. Again, though, these are subjects that tend to be avoided in the Christian culture. In essence, “Kingdom Single” covered almost every base of those who are single, and I applaud that.

I didn’t quite agree with Evans’ perspective on 100% of everything, but as a whole, I found this to be a beneficial read.

*I received this book from Tyndale Publicity Team and happily provided my honest review*

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Anonymous said...

Thank You Amanda for you reviews. They are always helpful and enlightening. God Bless.

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