Saturday, August 11, 2018

Are You Getting Back into Music Practice? (or do you have a student who is?)

Next week is back-to-teaching for me after a crazy, hectic summer. I'm really looking forward to seeing all of my kiddos again! But I have to admit, even though I love my little virtuosos, it isn't the easiest thing to get them back into the routine of practice. So, I created a coloring chart for my students that will hopefully help them get from summer break back into music. I uploaded the files on WAJN's website. You can access here:

I just sent out my WAJN newsletter, and some have some music-related questions.

Are you...
     - a musician (What instrument[s]?)
     - music listener (who's your favorite artist?)
     - music teacher (What do you teach? When did you resume lessons after summer break?)
     - parent of a musician (What do they play?)

Me? I'm most of the above. Piano is my primary instrument, though I also love the violin and have piddled some with bass guitar and mandolin. I love listening to music! My current favorite artists are The Ball Brothers (for singing) and... a plethora of pianists and other instrumentalists. Actually, you can see my playlist on Spotify. And, added to all of that, my passion is teaching music (piano and violin).

What are some music questions that you've had that you've been trying to find someone to ask? If there was one website that could be your go-to source, what all would it contain?

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