Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Finding Christmas Joy | Excerpt 1 of 7

The release for "Finding Christmas Joy" is just next week! For the next few days, I'll give you an excerpt (seven in total) that will complete the first scene.

Melonie Brown braked at the four-way stop and waited as a black pickup whizzed in front of her. She took a left turn and released a long sigh as her GPS announced, “In 3.4 miles, take a left on Candy Cane Lane.”

A sardonic half-grin slipped over her face as she rolled her eyes. She had already passed through an idealistic town and was continuing down the road that led to countryside speckled with remnants of a snowfall. It was the type of town that Josh would find ridiculous.

Ice slid through her veins at the thought. There wasn’t any Josh. Not anymore. She glanced over the fields of white to keep herself from looking at her left hand, where her engagement ring should be. She sucked in a deep breath and tightened her throat against sobs that crept up against her will.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… The lyrics passed through her mind unwarranted. As she turned onto Candy Cane Lane, it was as if her mind was on musical shuffle, changing from one cheerful melody to another. She bit her tongue and pushed the songs from her mind. They had no place in her life. Not this year when everything looked bleak and dreary.

(From "Finding Christmas Joy" by Amanda Tero; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DGKSWS5)

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