Monday, July 17, 2017

Scripture Graphics #48

If our delight is in God's law, then we should not be in danger of close companionship with the ungodly, sinners, or scornful. Likewise, if we are in close company with those three, we will not find delight in God's law.

If we are so concerned about "my rights," does this indicate a lack of trust in our eternal judge?

How are we fighting against the enemy so that the foundations are not destroyed? How are we upholding the foundations in our era--around our family, friends, in our workplace, on social media? Or are we turning a blind eye as foundations crumble?

There is a combination here: God's Word keeps us from the paths of the destroyer (so we need to read and apply it), and God Himself holds us in His paths (so we need to follow, trust, and obey Him).

What are you meditating on today?


Ryana Lynn said...

Very timely. Verse # 2 & #3 really stood out to me. You are right about being too concerned over personal rights. And the foundations...may God help us all to do our part to uphold the Godly foundations set in place in our lives and our country. I think those verses are gonna be my meditation for today. So important!

Paula said...

These are great! Thanks for posting. You are an encourager!

Amanda Tero said...

@ Ryana - I'm so thankful it came at the right time! It's a blessing to know God has used these to encourage you!

@ Paula - praise the Lord! I'm glad to know someone is finding these as encouraging as I did!

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