Friday, March 3, 2017

Books I Read - February 2017

Eight books this month! Wowie. Two trips helped with that. ;)

My balance got a little out this month, as I agreed to review quite a few books. So I only read twonon-fiction. Whoopsie!

Starting with...

Grace and the Preacher
Grace and the Preacher was such a sweet book! It's my only 5-star book of the month. Read why I liked it here.


I started out really enjoying Plot, but parts of the end I didn't find necessary for me. This is the full review.

The author contacted me and asked me to review this book. I had a mixed review, which you can read here.

Fiction Books
I enjoyed all of the fiction books I read this month. :)

The longest review I wrote this month. :) I enjoyed most of this book, but have a thorough review here.

I tend to forget I read this book. We were waiting at LifeWay so I wanted a book I could pick up and finish in about a half hour. This was the perfect book for that. It was my first Colleen Coble book and I'd try her again. My review is here.

And then this sweet book by my friend, Faith. :) Check out my review here.

An Emma retelling. It was fun to read! My review here.

Children's Books
The first children's book I've reviewed that I just didn't especially love. See why here.

What have you read this past month?
What genres have you read? What categories? Any five star books?

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