Thursday, March 31, 2016

The Path to a Modest Lifestyle | Book Review

About the Book
When you're obeying His commands and serving the Lord there is a certain satisfaction that you feel. Serving Him brings you great joy and pride. But what about giving yourself and your life to Him entirely? In giving Him your life, that includes giving Him your appearance, your attitude and your heart's desire. You are a daughter of the one true King. It's time to step into the life that God has meant for you to live; one filled with confidence in your natural beauty and grace. Let His glory shine through you, bringing His light to the world. Within these pages you'll learn to unlock your natural beauty that God has given you.

My Review
This is a short and easy book to read (I read it while getting distracted from editing a book ;)), but I enjoyed every minute of it. Amanda covers a lot of ground in a few short words--from accepting the body God has made you in to embracing the role of womanhood.

Not only does Amanda cover Biblical reasons for modesty, she gives some very practical insight in how to change one's wardrobe. The simplify chapter was very organized and had a great list of questions to determine what to keep or get rid of.

A quote that stood out to me:
"[Wearing dresses] has become a wonderful daily reminder of the thought and hard work God put into making me who I am: a woman."

*I received a complimentary copy of this book to read*

About the Author
Amanda started writing at the age of 13, already an avid reader, she decided it was time she tried her hand at the craft. Just a few months after beginning to write she became a regular contributor at The Link magazine. After starting high school, Amanda put her writing career on hold and went on to be a normal teenager. It wasn't until Amanda entered college that she started her first book Searching for Summer. Now twenty-three, Amanda is an avid writer, and reader. Her love of books whether written by herself or others has immensely grown since her childhood. She now runs her blog, A Pinch of Faith and her online business She has recently published her first book The Path to a Modest Lifestyle and has plans for many more books in the future.

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