Saturday, July 25, 2015

My Life of Late

The past few weeks have been crazy busy! It has been fun and wonderful--but busy all the same (Hence, a quieter blog). I am going to have to sit down one day (week? two weeks?) and share more but for today, just a quick update.

June and July have been filled with VBS, camps, revivals, weddings, and trying to stay on top of everything those moments when I am home. It'd be too crazy to try to fill in on all the small details of everything so I'll just hit those major weeks of activities.

Jr. and Sr. Camps
This is my fourth year to go to Mt. Pisgah's camps and I love it. Growing up, I had always heard about "camp experiences" and it was just something we didn't desire. However, from all of the camps we have heard about, there is just something special about these camps (I'm not saying anything against your camps if you happen to like yours). Such a sweet spirit, leaders who are sensitive to the Lord's leading, and precious fellowship, all by the grace of God. This year was different than past years in that my brother, Daniel, and I were in charge of activities. Which meant less time to sit in on classes, unfortunately. What we did manage to get in was amazing, though.

A friend of our pastor, Bro. Roger, came to do our revival services. Our church does both morning and evening services all week long--it's like a week of Sundays! I was able to go to all but the very last service and every message was great. Some were great in a painful sort of way, but I really needed it (I might try to gather together some of my notes to share on here later). And I love how the Lord worked out the timing--we left from a week of revival services to go minister at Camp Christa.

Camp Christa
This is also my fourth time to help at Camp Christa, a camp for the Navajo Indians (with a few Ute and possibly others). It is a very different mission field and sometimes can be very tough. The devil has a stronghold on the rez so those who are believers have a strong battle to rage against. I can't express what a blessing it is to be a part of these kids' lives though! So many precious children, many of which I will probably only see once in my life. How we pray that we can point them to Christ!

And I shall conclude this cacophony of events with a few images. :) The Lord allowed me to photograph my first wedding (practically dropped it in my lap!)! I plan on posting more about that later, but in short, I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity. Danielle and Deven are not just an adorable couple, they are sweet and you can sense their love for the Lord.

Being in Colorado for several days provides many opportunities to shoot! I practically wear my camera because the scenery is so beautiful up here! It doesn't matter that I've been up here seven times, I love it! There is just something about seeing for miles that helps me appreciate God's handiwork in a different way than at home. Just being at the camp you can find a lot of beauty. But then, we have also gone out of the way to have a little extra fun and experience--like visiting the San Juan mountains and waterfall (insert: I love water!). By the time our trip is over, I'm hoping to have a few more pics in my gallery and that, too will have to wait for later (I hope no one is counting on how many "later's" I have in here because no guarantee I'll have time to put them up soon...).

Now, I've shared some of my summer. What has your summer been like?


Salinn said...

What a fun post!:) Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL as always! God has really blessed you will an eye for pictures. I can totally understand the being busy. Things have been crazy busy around here lately. Summer has a way of being crazy I guess.
Our church has been trying to plan our church picnic and baptism (our last one will have been a year ago tomorrow) but that is just about impossible. We have something almost every weekend and the two that would have worked for us don't work for other people. We'll figure something out I'm sure though.;)
Hope you have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow! ~Salinn

Janell said...

WOW, Amanda, absolutely AMAZING scenery photos!!!!! I want some 1000 piece puzzles of those. :-) Just stunning!

Amanda T. said...

Salinn--it was good to hear from you! :) Sounds like your summer has been pretty busy as well. :)

Janell--might have to remind me about that puzzle. ;)


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