Monday, January 15, 2018

Scripture Graphics #74

The winds of destruction are always relentlessly pounding on us. If we step away from Jesus, He has all authority to remove Hi hand of protection and allow a little harm to come our way. He holds our salvation, but if we are not walking cautiously—staying in God’s Word, holding faith and a good conscience—we could lose some battles and “damage our ship.”

God, our Creator-example, took six days to create the heavens and earth. Not only does this give us a pattern for a six-day work week, it is also our example in patience. God could have easily created everything in six minutes, if He chose. He also could have sealed perfection for everything at creation. But He chose to take days to create, and even still today, He is working in nature and the hearts and lives of men, for thousands of years. Why, then, do I grow impatient when things take a little longer than I want?

Compared to Genesis 2:17, Eve exaggerated God’s original command. While it may have been a wise idea to not touch the tree, God never said that touching the tree was a death-penalty. When we teach God’s commands, do we add our own (finite) wisdom of application and portray it as, “God has said?” There are many areas I can think of where I embraced my interpretation of God’s command stronger than His actual command, but in the long run, it confused the simplistic, defined command I was to follow. So, how are we viewing God’s commands? Are we embellishing them then clinging to the embellished version more than the original command?

When we take one step without seeking God’s counsel, it is all too easy to take another step the same way. Abram went to Egypt by his wisdom, then led Sarai to lie to protect him and their marriage by his wisdom, and others suffered. No decision is too small or big but we should seek God’s counsel over our own.

What is your favorite story or verse from Genesis?


Ryana Lynn said...

My favorite story is probably Joseph. Even though it is so sad at parts, he is a shining example of doing right even when it's not a bed of roses.

Amanda Tero said...

Oh yes! I love Joseph! Right now, the kids and I are doing Genesis 39 for Wednesday night Bible group.

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