Saturday, April 2, 2016

Scripture Design from Scratch | Graphics Design

A few weeks ago, you may have seen this Scripture graphics design.

When I did it, I decided to screenshot the process so I could share with you--and hopefully you can get some ideas to do your own Scripture designs.

The program I used was Photoshop Elements 10.

First, I create a 4x4" blank file (resolution at 500 pixels). Then, I dragged an image I had onto it.

I like to use random images for my background--they give creative textures. For this one, I went to Filter>Gaussian Blur.

I did a serious blur on this (106.8 pixels).

Next step: I copied the verse and pasted it onto the file.

I "took apart" the verse, enlarging the key words of the verse. This gave me a lot of text layers to work with.

This next step could have been done before or after, but I did it now. I had gotten a color palette idea from Pinterest. I don't usually do this, but I wanted something different than my "earth tones" that I default to.

With my color grabber, I selected the purple.

Copying this purple color to my working page, I then grabbed the color replacement took (right click your paintbrush).

Selecting my background layer (lower right corner where it says "Layer 1"), I colored over the background this purple color.

Going back to the color palette, I chose some colors for text. The first color: orange.

I put all of my key words in font Windsong and changed the font color of those words to orange.

Second font color: green.

As you can see, I decided to swap my font colors. :) Green was a better key-word font and orange for the smaller words, in my opinion.

I didn't want the background quite so bold, so I lowered the opacity of the background to 70% (lower left corner).

Right-clicking the fonts, I decided to add a drop shadow to make it pop from the background.

The only change I made was bringing the size up to 10 (from 5). I did this with all of the text.

Changed my reference color (whoops -- forgot about that earlier).

Began tweaking the placement of all of the text.

Decided for the simple text to be in italics (Times New Roman font).

More placement tweaking.

And then I decided that the orange was a little too bright for my preference, so I dragged the color down to have a little more peachy-grey tones.

Added my blog site and voila! Here you have it.

Have you ever designed a Scripture graphics? Is it online somewhere that I can see it? If so, leave a link in the comment and I'll check it out!

If you've not done one, and you have a program to DO one, here's your assignment for next week: find a verse and create a graphics! (simple ;))


Ashley said...

That's a really pretty design Amanda.
I have photoshop, but it won't work on the computer I use often. It only works on our other computer, but I like design photos. :)

A.M. Heath said...

Thanks for sharing!! You've taken a different approach to creating the graphics than I normally do. I liked it!

Amanda T. said...

@ Ashley - Thank you! I've had that problem before (the program, but not the computer to run it on). :)

@ Anita - You're welcome! I think I take the "self-taught" approach. ;)

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