Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Scripture Memory - the Process

Last week, I mentioned the three pillars for the foundation of memorizing Scripture.

This week, I'm eager to share some of the things that help me memorize Scripture.

Read the Scripture 10 times out loud.

Memorize Portions
Break up the verse into phrases and work on one phrase at a time.

Repeat and Repeat
Whether its a full verse or portions, say it over and over. I usually say a portion fifteen times. Then, I'll say the next portion fifteen times. Then those two portions together fifteen times.

Pattern of Six
My sister recently discovered that saying six words together (even if they do not create a full phrase) helps induce memory.

Memorize While Working
Copy the verse on an index card or prop up your phone with the Scripture verse on it where you're working. Instead of letting your mind idly wander, purposefully memorize Scripture.

Place in Easily Seen Places
Copy the verse onto index cards and put it out in areas that you frequent. Each time you see it, say it.

Sing it
Create a song to sing for your verse.

Put it to rhythm
Instead of saying the verse in monotone, accent some words, say some words faster, some slower. (No, I'm not saying create a rap out of your Scripture verses...but if that helps... ;))

First Letters
Write down just the first letters of the verse and say it using only the first letters as your aid (John 3:16 would begin, "F G S L T W...").

As You Go to Sleep
Those minutes when your mind is winding down? Quote your verse.

When You Wake Up
And...those minutes when you're groggily trying to convince your body to get out of bed, quote your verse.

Listen to It
Either record yourself or listen to an audio Bible of the verse(s) you are memorizing.

Have an Accountability Partner
A friend and I were discussing the trouble we were having with faithfully memorizing God's Word, so we decided to keep each other accountable. Sometimes, she'll text as soon as I pick up a book to read and I have that reminder, "Have you worked on memory yet today?" Amazing how God works out the timing like that!

What are some ways you've found helpful in memorizing Scripture?


  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! Scripture memory is something that I am really horrible at.:( I have found that this is the easiest way to do it though. There was a girl that kept me going pretty strong for a while but I never hear from her anymore and I'm afraid I'm kind of slacking at memorizing.:( I need to do it more and this post has inspired me.:)

  2. You're welcome, Salinn! If you need another accountability partner, I do best text-reminding people. I'm not consistent (every day), but I do somewhat. You can email me your number if you text.

    I'm so happy and blessed to hear that this helped you get back into memorizing! :) :)


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