Saturday, October 24, 2015

Danielle and Deven | Wedding Photography

You know those posts when there's so much to say and you have no clue how to begin? That about defines me as I'm thinking back to the first solo wedding that the Lord allowed me to photograph (and I know this is SUPER late in being posted, seeing as the wedding was in June).

My sister met Danielle in college and somehow, as they were talking, mentioned that I was getting into photography, check out my website, etc. From day one, I said that this event was something that God just seemed to drop in my lap. I wasn't quite ready to spread my wings and fly into wedding photography. But you know what? I loved every minute of it!

From the very first time I talked with Danielle and her mom, I was SO comfortable with photographing their wedding. I have heard many wedding photography stories and I don't know that I could have asked for a sweeter, more relaxed family to work with! Plus, I feel that being photographer, I got two bonuses: 1) Capturing this precious day for them, 2) Getting to enjoy a God-honoring, sweet wedding! Honestly, there were times during the ceremony that I caught myself with a huge grin on my face because I just loved being there.

But I know that if you haven't already skimmed the text, you're about to, because you're interesting in the pictures. :) After all, a picture's worth a thousand words, right? 

Just one last word: I am SO very thankful to the Lord for allowing everything to work out for this wedding! Despite a few "technical difficulties" (aka, having less equipment than I thought I would have because I confused when the wedding was, learning how to work with low ceilings), I am so very grateful to Jesus Christ for His grace that sustained me the whole day. I had a lot of my family and friends praying and am so thankful for their interest, support, and help. :) Seeing a half dozen texts on my phone with "Praying for you!" was so special!

Now...for the pictures! I have reserved just my favorites to share here. I think I found "the one" that I just fell in love with.

Runner-up is this one. Danielle and Deven wanted to pray together before the wedding. Keeping with the tradition of "not seeing the bride," Deven was blindfolded. Wow. No words can describe this moment!

And third...Danielle was a beautiful bride!

And this one is an honorable mention. ;) I love it when the Lord allows me to take pictures I wasn't intending. We hadn't planned for "ring" pictures, but they were sitting in the church office before departing, their hands just like this. No posing, no nothing. Just a click of the button and we had it -- a ring picture.

Now I'll hush and you can enjoy the rest:

"Wherefore they are no more twain, but one flesh. What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder." Matthew 19:6


Shelby said...

These photos are beautiful! I did such a wonderful job Amanda! :)

Rebekah said...

Good job Amanda! Praise the Lord for the way He works and allowed you to be a photographer for that wedding!
Thanks for sharing!

Amanda T. said...

Thanks so much, Shelby and Rebekah! :)

Miriam Elise said...

Good job, Amanda! Looks like your first time went really well! And the couple seems so happy, so that always makes it a little easier! Maybe more weddings will come your way in the future! ;)

Amanda T. said...

Thanks Miriam!!! :) That would be fun!

Willowy Whisper said...

Whoa...I loved the pictures! Very beautiful! :)

Amanda T. said...

Thank you, Hannah!! :)

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